What do we learn from RXBAR’s No B.S Packaging?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Launched in 2013, RXBAR was already in a market with established energy bar brands like Clif Bar, Power Bar and Nature Valley. It took them 3 years to realize that a one time branding exercise will change the way their brand is perceived but will also give them a packaging identity which will become the gold standard for minimal design.

About a decade ago, consumers were sick of snacks filled with unhealthy, unnatural or unfamiliar ingredients. A few good companies like Chicago-based Chicago Bar Co. offered healthy snacking alternatives, but a new mindset and a changed perception was necessary to even start a fresh conversation with the audience.

So, they finally decided to cut the bullshit and get it straight once and for all. Their product, RXBAR, was all set to carry the torch and make the world start a healthy snacking habit. The bars stood out for their simple ingredients and a variety of flavours. What it needed was some straightforward storytelling; and what would be a better touch point than packaging to tell what’s packed inside is ‘No B.S’.

The challenge was to get its health-conscious target audience, who are skeptical of snacks, to see RXBAR as trustworthy in the world of dishonest, tall promises. The solution was in showing RXBAR doesn’t hide what’s going in that pack.

Until now, almost all the brands were listing ingredients on the back of the pack in fine print. RXBAR was no different. But when it went ahead with their ‘No B.S’ approach, the first thing that the brand did was give their ingredients the center-stage they deserved. There are no secret ingredients, and there shouldn’t be any fear saying that aloud.

There were three major obstacles that the new packaging overcame.

The sentiment around ‘snacks are crap food’ was the most visible and the first obstacle, which the ‘No B.S healthy snack’ story surpassed. The communication was supported by TV Commercials, Hoardings and other outdoor media.

Then, the second task was to gain validation and remove scepticism about healthy snacks. This was solved by listing all the ingredients in big and bold lettering on the front of the pack. This straightforward list of ingredients created a transparent conversation-starter for the brand and its consumers. Various Amazon Influencer Activities helped create a buzz around the front-facing ingredients and kept the conversation going.

The third and the last challenge was to show the variety of flavours that are available to suit every moment, every mood of the target audience. Each wrapper was designed and colour coded differently to showcase the variety of flavours. Point-of-sales Re-targeting contributed in pushing the variety story over the counters.

Thus, a single feat of revamping their product packaging, integrated with ATL Advertising, Influencer Promotions and Point-of-sales Re-targeting, helped RXBAR solve three communication problems.

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