Three things that may ruin the content strategy of your wellness brand

You think you have a killer content strategy that will put your wellness brand on its road to success? Well, think twice and find out if you are making these three grave mistakes while setting your content plan?

Motley Crew has executed content marketing over the past few years, and we have spotted a few common and easy-to-make mistakes that many brand managers make while sharing the brief or reviewing our plan.

Wellness brands must understand that they must follow a certain code and stop committing these three mistakes that may lead their content towards self-annihilation.

Stop Preaching

Every person your wellness brand wants to engage with has a unique and personal relationship with their health. ‘One size fits all’ approach will make you sound preachy, because they don’t want you to sell them ‘good health’ but would like various solutions that can help them better the situation they are at today.

But while creating relevant conversations, avoid using the health stereotypes ot it may alienate many. Instead, let your content inspire, engage and support them in their wellness journey.

Stop Chasing Conversion

Not every piece of content you throw out there should drive you towards conversion and conversion alone. There’s one marketing goal that is powerful than conversion, and that is long-term engagement.

Successful brands are built upon a customer’s experience and his/her journey from brand discovery to brand loyalty to evangelism. This journey is the best opportunity for your brand to create long-term engagement through content that informs, educates and engages every consumer at different stages of their consumer experience.

Wellness is a process, and a right content strategy will make your brand a guide than just a product or service company for your audience.

Stop Hard Selling Transformation

Health and wellness communication is fueled by inspiration and aspiration, but it’s crucial to balance complete transformations with smaller steps, as ‘transformation’, weight loss’ or ‘new mindset’ are intimidating words for many.

Once you chalk out your customer’s wellness journey and how your brand can add value in it, start identifying daily wins or minor victories that will keep your customer inspired, engaged and en route his journey of transformation.

When planned well, content strategy is one of the most impactful and effective ways to market your wellness brand.

By following certain guidelines and avoiding self-created roadblocks, you can increase the possibility of making your content an audience-magnet. This will help you gain leads, increase sales and get your every piece of content read, shared and acted upon by majority of your audience.

Motley has partnered with various wellness brands, ranging from food, personal care, fitness and mental health sphere and christened or rechristened them to make their brand names work for them. If you want our niche services and expertise to turn your wellness business into a strong and successful brand, reach out at hello@motleyadvertising.

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