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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Amidst the ongoing pandemic that has claimed over 4.21L lives and counting in India, a growing number of healthcare and wellness startups are getting launched every day.

There’s nothing more exciting than having a great idea to start a wellness business. You’ve done all the groundwork, identified your audience, figured out how to sell them your products or services, and you are just waiting to tell the world about your company. But wait, what should you call it?

A brand name is something that’s going to stay with you till eternity. It’ll be the alter ego of your business, and will pack the entire philosophy of your brand in just one or two words.

Here are six generic guidelines that will very well help you name your wellness brand all by yourself or choose from the options presented to you by a branding expert.

Start with a brief

You can’t just open a dictionary and start noting down words that would work as your brand name. Brand naming is a creative process, and the first step of this process is a Naming Strategy Brief. This piece of document will be a guiding star for everyone who is part of the naming process and decision-making process. It will give clarity on the expectations and understanding of the route you’d be taking, from day one. The discovery process will begin once everyone is on the same page.

Distinguish your brand name from the descriptions

Your brand name must have a strong brand building potential. Don’t be a lazy thinker and choose a name that will simply describe your brand. Try and make your brand name distinguish the brand. Give your brand name the depth and the story it deserves with a distinctive brand name.

Two Brothers Organic Farms’ is not describing how good the organic products from this brand are, but creating a story around the brand that’s distinguishing it in the organic foods market.

Talk to your audience

It’s pointless to go with a name that has no positive effect on your audience. It doesn’t matter if you and your team like the brand name or not; what matters is that is it resonating with your audience or not? Ultimately, they are going to decide the destiny of your brand, so make sure the name that you choose connects with them.

The popular mental health app named itself ‘Calm’ to instantly connect with its audience, working adults, struggling with poor sleeping, stress and work life balance. The word ‘calm’ instantly gave a solution to their problem and opened a dialogue, even before the real brand communication began.

Bonus: Calm’s is a fascinating brand story, and if you’re interested in it, there’s a series called ‘A World of Calm’ on HBO Max for you to check out.

Keep it short, silly

This is a mantra for everything that we do under branding, communication and advertising, then how can one ignore this rule while naming a brand? Our crew has often come across companies with long winding names, and it’s been quite a journey on a long winding road of educating them about the importance of concise and catchy brand name.

Most of the iconic brand names from around the world have not more than three syllables or less than 13 characters. If your brand name is any longer than that, then you are inviting the audience to take charge and shorten the name as they may please.

Don’t blend in, stand out

Don’t follow the herd and select a name that’s ‘safe’ for your category. The bigger the risk you will take, the higher the chances of creating high recall value and keeping your brand name on top of the consumer’s mind; that being said, don’t make your brand name sound weird for the sake of uniqueness.

In the past few years, premium Ayurvedic brands segment is exploring newer strategies, however, most brands are playing safe when it comes to naming. Keywords like ‘Veda’, ‘Karma’ And ‘Cure’ are overused. That’s when Kapiva comes to disrupt popular beliefs. This unique, clutter breaking name is not used just to catch eyeballs, but is a portmanteau of the three key principals of Ayurveda – Kapha, Pitta and Vaat.

Make it easy to read

Don’t make your audience work hard to read or pronounce your brand name. Your relationship with your audience should always be that of a care/comfort/convenience giver, and this journey starts from your brand name. If it is too difficult to read or phonetically unappealing, the chances are that person will not bother to get in a situation where he/she wants to read that arduous word once again.

Remember these six thumb rules and select a name that will help you attract the right customers and build a long-lasting wellness brand, rather than blindly going with a name that you’ll have to change again in a few months.

Motley has partnered with various wellness brands, ranging from food, personal care, fitness and mental health sphere and christened or rechristened them to make their brand names work for them. If you want our niche services and expertise to turn your wellness business into a strong and successful brand, reach out at hello@motleyadvertising.

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