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People gain confidence in brands that have consistency in their communication. We use a tried and tested systematic approach to define your brand communication in today’s multi-platform world. We outline and visualise your communication strategy in the most simple and understandable way.

This Communication Strategy Canvas plots your path to communication success, analyses the most effective methods and eliminates operational issues along the way. We collaboratively find answers to various critical questions and train the brand to make the right communication decisions.

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You'll define the following Fundamentals 
for your brand communication:


The differentiator brings brand positioning and USP together as the foundation of effective communication. It is a simple and effective way of understanding the strengths of your company and taking advantage of them to reach your goals.

Target Markets

Each fragment of the message is addressed to a unique target market. We help you identify each one of them through geographic, demographic, behavioural, psychographic as well as cultural segmentation.


What are the business goals for your target market? Many of us get confused with goals and metrics. But goals are actually related to KPIs. We help you define goals that you can track with KPIs that are measurable and achievable.

Media Channels

It is easy to find the most used media in today’s time, but is your target market using it? We start listing down all media channels for your brand communication that are relevant to your audience before selecting the tools.


Once the scope of content is decided, we move on to selecting the various tools like performance marketing or influencer marketing to boost results.


Right from the context, tone and style of communication to setting the editorial calendar, this stage will lay out verbal, audio and visual content plan for you.


We develop strong short-term and long-term timelines to execute all the action points through multiple campaigns in order to meet your objectives.

Measuring the Results

Annual report is a great testimony for outcomes of your strategy. However, we also conduct commissioned research to mine finer details and insights.

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