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Branding Bootcamp is a roll-up-your-sleeve collaborative session, where we make you look at your brand with a critical eye.
We ask all the tough questions and find their solutions together. Ranging from discovering underutilised resources to drawing inspiration from competition or finding that little gap in your branding that needs to be filled, the outcome of each
Branding Bootcamp session is unique to the brand’s objective.

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You'll receive a shareable  Brand Book packed with precious insights including:

Your Core Brand Values

We will start the bootcamp with a few existential questions. What does your  brand stand for? And more importantly, what does it not stand for? The answers will guide your branding, shape your community and inspire your customers.

Your Brand Personality Profile

How do you speak your customer’s language?
We define a set of human characteristics which align with your brand. These characteristics set the right tone for all your verbal communications.

A Shared Vision of Your Future

What does the future look like for your brand? How to shape the future to manifest your brand's full potential? We put your vision to paper, fix the flaws and help you build a roadmap to make this future happen.

Your Purpose Statement

Everything in this world has its own purpose, and brands are no exception to this truth of life. With no clarity about the brand purpose, lasting consumer engagement is impossible. We craft a tight statement that echoes your brand's purpose.

Competitive Audit

The better you understand your competitors, the better chance you have of beating them. Recognising your nemesis and its characteristics, behaviours and identities across the competitive landscape helps discover opportunities for boldly differentiating your brand.

Unique Value Proposition

Articulating your Unique Value Proposition ensures that your brand earns a special place in your audience’s hearts and minds. Wouldn’t you like people coming back to your brand instead of the cheapest or the newest options? A strong UVP can make it possible.

Customer Segmentation

Be it a mass brand or niche, every single customer of your brand is an individual. Well, it may be tough to serve them on an individual level, but through customer segmentation, you can come pretty close to discovering their unique needs and finding a solution to fulfil them.

User Profiles and Journeys

Learnings from customer segmentation are applied to generate user profiles that represent a brand’s target markets. We outline scenarios and behavioural patterns in each of these scenario to predict user's pain points, understand challenges and improve user experience.

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