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this is motley

Motley is not just another set of incongruously organised individuals put together in an ad agency. We are brand storytellers made up of many different people who breathe creativity day in and out. We are a crew of executors who believe in transforming big and small brands by executing the best ideas for maximum creative effectiveness.

We are Motley, a creative advertising agency run by Priyanka Surve and Jason Menezes. We are based out of Mumbai and are just a phone call away for big brands, small brands, new brands, old brands, established brands, evolving brands, brands facing a challenge, brands unaware of the challenge, button-down brands, misfit brands, and also the brands that are waiting to become brands.

If you have a brief to share with us, do not hesitate to pick up that phone.
Just remember, here small is big. 


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Logo Design
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Print Ads
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Performance Marketing

We hone  brands and young talent 
in creative advertising

Ask a professional in the business what the key to success is in advertising,
and you’ll most likely get an answer that echoes the mantra of
a famous chief creative officer: “Nothing is more efficient than creative advertising.
Creative advertising is more memorable, longer lasting, works with less media spending, and builds a fan community... faster.”

and these are our clients

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