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Welcome to the non-toxic world of advertising. 

Motley is a creative advertising agency built upon the non-toxicity-led culture (we've made a memo). Our mission is to accelerate the normalization of the non-toxicity practices powering the best creative companies in the world. For we know that health is bigger than advertising.

We also defy the ‘agency-life normal’ by asking for boring briefs from brands. Because what makes it boring is rather interesting. The boring briefs challenge us to dig deeper to identify stronger propositions, scavenge for sharper insights and bring fresher ideas to the table. Ideas that are path-breaking for the set industry standards. Ideas that need both brains and balls to execute them. Ideas that defy the gravity of boringness and take a creative leap.  

We are big on actionable communication, for boring objectives decide actions, actions decide the unboring ideas used with the power of print, outdoor, social, digital and integrated campaigns to plan, deliver and win.

Motley Respects:

  1. Work-life balance. It is guaranteed as we don't work on weekends and public holidays.

  2. Complete creative freedom. To proactively think, create and pitch an idea to any brand. The brains behind the idea are the names behind the idea. There is no catch to it.

  3. Perfect work-resource ratio in the agency. Every creative resource will be given 3 brands max to work with.

  4. Mental Health. Regular breaks are given to the crew and one-on-one sessions are done with industry experts to help overcome any personal or professional roadblock.

  5. Forty-five hours’ work week.

  6. Non-aggressive business pitching. It ensures no burn-out of creative talent due to constant, rigorous pitch work.

  7. Clients who are sensitized on realistic timelines.

  8. Super-talented creative people. Work along with the best colleagues in advertising.

  • Do not apply if you think burning the candle at both ends will make your career shine like nobody’s business.

  • Do not apply if you think being a yes-man or treating the client as God will earn you some extra brownie points.

  • Do not apply if you love to stay late in the office waiting for your company sponsored pizza while working for that next-day pitch presentation.

  • Do not apply if you are too scared to ask the right questions… to your colleagues, bosses, clients, and more importantly to yourself too.

  • Do not apply if you can accept ‘this is not working’ and ‘it can be better’ as constructive feedback.

  • And yes, please do not apply if you glorify untimely lunches or under eye patches as trophies and medals.

  • Apply only if you think you deserve to work in a non-toxic, conducive and welcoming environment where you wouldn’t be just a headcount but a brain that counts.

  • Apply to get onboard to show the world that great work can be created in a healthy way too.

  • Apply if you want to win awards without losing your mental health.

  • Apply not to get hired, but to employ a bunch of talented individuals that will help you grow your skills and talent.

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